February 26, 2023
Gene modifications to improve mental health
Long term, Epigenes is interested in modifying the genes of people with severe psychological conditions, such as PTSD and severe drug addiction. While efforts towards gene editing are years away, this article from The Guardian discusses the possibilities.
July 3, 2023
Calorie restriction mimetics to improve mental health
Calorie restriction improves mental health; however, most people would struggle with reducing calories by 25%. We are developing treatments that mimic the mental health benefits of calorie restriction. This article from The Guardian reports how new weight loss drugs might help people with addictions.
May 28, 2023
Understanding population cycles
We are working with the international bestseller Prof. Peter Turchin to understand the social conditions that lead to the boom and bust of societies. This article from The Guardian discusses Prof. Turchin’s approach to identifying factors contributing to the collapse of societies and, thereby, predicting and mitigating future collapses.