Head of Research

Prof. Terrance Johns

Prof Terrance Johns has a PhD from Monash University and is currently the Head of Research at Epigenes Australia (Melbourne) and the Oncogenic Signalling Laboratory at Telethon KidsInstitute (Perth). Most recently, Prof Johns was a National Health and Medical Research Council Principal Research Fellow (2017-21) and Director of the Telethon Kids Cancer Centre (2018-22). He currently holds Professorships at University of Western Australia and La Trobe University. Throughout his career, Prof. Johns has focused on brain research, including studying pathological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. He is recognised globally as a leader in novel therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer, with his patented discoveries advancing to phase 3 clinical trials. He continues to be actively involved in brain cancer research but more recently has applied his skills to behavioural neuroscience, looking for new treatments for mental health conditions.